Treat Your Neck Muscle Pain Naturally

Treat neck, shoulder and back muscle strain naturally. Slept wrong, treat the pain naturally at home. Natural treatment for pulled muscles, neck strain and shoulder pain. .


Every once and awhile I sleep awkwardly and wake up regretting it. It strains my neck and shoulder muscles and I spend the day walking around with muscle pain and a stiff neck. In the past I would take an ibuprofen to relive the pain but these days I prefer the all natural route. These tips are quick, soothing and just as effective for my muscle strain:

Arnica Montana Gel



When I bought this homeopathic cooling gel I was skeptical. It has few ingredients (which I love) but I wasn’t sure it could ease my aches. Well, let me tell you, it was very effective and I felt soothing relief almost immediately. It’s great for relieving muscle pain, aches and stiffness. I bought this in a set with the arnica montana pellets which can be used for pain relief too. But so far I’ve been relying only on the gel as needed. It’s not long lasting though. I have to reapply 2-3x day for a couple of days or so.

Wrap Heating Pad

This wrap heating pad along with the arnica gel is a match made in heaven. I call it my heating shawl because it wraps cozily around my neck and shoulders. This thing can get hot so I usually keep it on medium or low. It has auto turn off and it is perfect for winter. I only use it occasionally for neck, shoulder or back aches but when I do it always provides much needed relief.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is also great for muscle pain. I often use this to massage my scalp if it has tension or if I’m experiencing a dreaded ponytail headache. This works much of the same way on the muscles. I take just a cap full and massage it on the aching, tender spots and add my heat wrap. It doesn’t provide the cooling sensation of the gel but I find it has a longer lasting effect when treating my strained muscles.

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I initially purchased this TENS device to assist with labor pains and discovered that it is used as an all around muscle pain reliever. Connect the pads to your sore muscles at the level of intensity that is most comfortable. The electronic pulses provide immediate relief and a nice mini massage too. Usually my heating pad and gel do the trick but this provides added relief for particularly sore muscles. If you have a chronic condition be sure to consult with your doctor before using. 

Warm Shower

And of course, warm showers are a must with strained muscles. This is usually my first line of treatment followed by the arnica gel or castor oil and wrap. Much like the heating pad it provides great relief for stiff muscles. I use a handheld shower head to focus on neck and shoulder strains.  Some alternate between cold and warm therapy treatment. I tend to prefer using warm therapy only but occasionally I will use a cold pack or cold water to numb a particularly sore area.

Those are my natural muscle soothing tips! Feel free to try them out the next time you wake with that familiar ache in your neck muscles.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This site’s content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Readers should consult their own qualified health care professional for medical advice.

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