My Favorite BPA-Free Toddler Plates & Straw Bottles

Bpa-free toddler plates and straw bottles. Bamboo plates, Silicone plates, bpa-free plastic. Stainless steel straw water bottles. Glass straw water bottles.


Plastic leaches hormone disrupting chemicals, such as bpa that mimics estrogen and creates havoc in our bodies, particularly in children. Unfortunately, plastic and hormone disrupters are everywhere (toys, utensils, dental resins, food containers, store receipts) but we do what we can to reduce exposure. We currently use the following plates and water bottles for our children that contain bpa-free materials:

Silicone Divided Toddler Plates

These are currently my favorite toddler plates. The silicone is bpa-free, phthalate free and it has this wonderful soft bendy feel to it. The plates are lightweight but they are also slip resistant. And they come in bright, cheery colors.  My favorite feature is the easy cleaning. Our food doesn’t seem to ever stick to it so it washes very quickly. It is dishwasher safe but I only put inert materials in the dishwasher such as glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Heat makes materials leach chemicals so I’m always leery. These are not recommended for the microwave. 

Bamboo Divided Toddler Plates

I saw these bamboo plates in someone’s Instagram post and I simply had to try them. I’m glad I did! I love bamboo material. We use bamboo mixing spoons and cutting boards and they are durable plus easy to clean. I was psyched to see bamboo toddler plates with a handy little suction ring at the bottom. The key to keep it suctioned tightly is to add a little water to the silicone ring before sticking it to a surface. These should not be used in the microwave or dishwasher but I also find them easy to clean.

Milk Jug Plates

Recycled milk jug material is used to make everything from bpa free toys to toddler plates. Milk jugs are made from plastic material but these are bpa-free, pvc-free and phthalate free if you’re Ok with using some plastic. These divided plates are quite popular and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. I don’t mind this material in toys but I’m not as big a fan of them in plates (prefer silicone or bamboo). Still, they seem to be a much safer option than regular plastic.

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Stainless Steel Straw Bottle

These straw water bottles have a silicone straw and a stainless steel interior. My girls love the character designs that appear on the outside of the bottle. I love that it is a safer drinking option that is lightweight and easy to clean. It also only has 2 parts. The less parts to keep up with, the better. So far, no problems with leaking either. Instructions say hand washing is best and I agree.

Glass Water Bottle

This glass water bottle option is for the slightly older child. This one comes encased in a protective silicone sleeve and has a silicone straw. I love drinking out of glass bottles. Water never tastes fresher to me than when stored in glass. It is heavier than the stainless steel option but you avoid the side effects of using plastic bottles. Dishwasher safe but you must remove the silicone sleeve. I find it impossible to get the sleeve off so that’s never been an option for us but luckily it cleans up easily.

Well, those are my picks. Hope you were able to pick up some bpa-free options to add to your kitchen!

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