Big Girl Room Ideas in Pink

Big girl room ideas including a pink and white girls Pahl desk from Ikea, wall decals, clock, Imaginarium dollhouse, bean bag storage organizer and more.


My 7 year old suffers indoor allergies so we removed the carpet from her room which provided immediate relief. But once we decided to replace the carpet to put down new flooring, it made sense to also paint the walls. Soon as we picked out a wall color, we wanted to change the wall décor…then the furniture and curtains and before we knew it, we had a big girl room! Her room had not been updated much since its nursery days aside from switching the crib to a twin bed so it was fun adding some fresh touches after 7 years. 

My 7 year old loves pink so we went with a pink and white theme with gold accents and a touch of My Little Pony. MLP was her favorite a few months ago but these days it’s Monster High. Hard to keep up.

4 poster kids bed

First we replaced her bed with the NE Kids Lake House Payton Arch bed, an elegant wood bed that my daughter likes to call the “princess bed.” Each of the four bed posts have a topiary, a word my 7 year old taught me, which gives it stately feel. I’m a stickler about all wood furniture vs. engineered or MDF wood and this bed has nice solid wood construction. I like that it didn’t have that toxic paint smell. In fact, it had no smell at all. We try to avoid VOCs in our home as much as possible, especially since we are allergy sensitive.

We paired it with our favorite Hemnes dresser from IKEA and this cool desk that grows with your child, also from IKEA. You can raise the legs as they grow taller.

Ikea Hemnes 3 drawer dressergirl bedroom desk pink


Found this frilly curtains on Amazon. We got them in size 60 inch x 63 inch so they do not fall to the floor. We know our girls would step on them or pull them down at that length. 

I thought they might be too much at first but my daughter loves them and they blend in the room nicely. Even my husband who wasn’t a big fan at first likes them now.

Wall Decor

To satisfy my daughter’s previous My Little Pony obsession, I bought these large decals to decorate her wall. She was very excited about arranging her wall with stickers of her favorite characters. I like that they stick well and unstick easily. She’s moved them around quite a bit since. They added some much needed color and dimension to the room.

gold and white wall decalgold love sign in cursive

I also scored some wonderful wall art from Baby’s R Us during their going out of business sale that added a nice touch. 


kids white desk, pink chair, pink and white clock



We wanted a large clock to help her practice telling time. The numbers are big so it’s easy for her to calculate the correct time using the hour hands and minutes in between. It also has a second hand and is very quiet which is a must during homework and bedtime.

Toy Storage

I love this combo bean chair / toy storage bag. It holds all of her stuffed animals and we even throw in her many dress up and princess costumes. She pulls her items out when she wants them and then stuffs them back in when done. When full, it makes a comfy chair to relax in or read a book on.


 Imaginarium City Studio Dollhouse

The dollhouse was her Christmas gift and it’s quite large, taking up a whole section of her room but it also adds to the décor. It’s an Imaginarium Dollhouse with 3 floors, an elevator and a lot of furniture.  We have the studio city version pictured on the left. Both my 1.5 year old and my 7 year old play with it and it’s easy to keep her doll items neat by storing everything in the house. Although it has its own section of her room, it adds to the look without getting in the way. Plus it’s lots of fun.

Hope you were able to get some big girl room tips!  Up next is changing my 1.5 year old’s room from nursery to toddler girl’s room.

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