Hi there, I’m Tee, blogger on this lovely space I call My Natural Lane. I’m a married mom of an adventurous toddler and cheeky first grader. I’m also a work at home business owner who serves clients in between breastfeeding, diaper changes, homework review and chauffeuring to extracurricular activities. 

While work and family life keeps me busy, it has been interrupted over the years with concerns ranging from my unexplained digestive and hormonal issues to food allergies and intolerances that both my children suffer. My experiences with investigating both conventional and natural treatments for myself and my family revealed the irreplaceable value of a healthy diet and preventative medicine. It’s an ongoing journey that I share in hopes that others may benefit and share their experiences as well.

This space is also dedicated to the joys and trials of motherhood with tips and tricks used in my household to raise our little ones. And my lifestyle section will be stuffed with reviews, planning, travel and more.

Thanks for joining this ride on my natural lane,