5 Guilt-Free Snacks For Moms

Relax with some tea and these guilt free gluten free snacks. Mom time. Self care. Evening snack. Ginger and chamomile tea.


Many evenings I have what my 6 year old has named “the mommy snack.” After a long day of juggling work and kids I like to have one snack with a cup of my favorite tea, lately a soothing ginger and chamomile mix. The ginger aids in digestion and the chamomile promotes relaxation. It’s just what I need after a busy day.

After the girls are in bed I like to unwind by sipping warm tea, eating a snack and watching YouTube videos. I’d love to get into some of those popular Netflix shows but I can’t sit still that long. I’m always thinking about what I can get done next on my to-do list while the girls are sleep. So the short videos will have to do for now but a girl can dream!

I look forward to my daily me time. When I began this ritual I felt a pang of guilt for the momentary self-indulgence. Not anymore! I am so busy every day bouncing back and forth between kids, work and managing our home that I’ve found that taking time out for myself in whatever small way that works for me is a necessity. For me it’s my mom snack, and here are some of my current favorites:

Almond Crackers

These gluten free crackers made with almond flour are ridiculously good. I’ll warn you now that it is hard to eat just one. They are light, crisp with a dash of sea salt and one of my favorite treats. They are almost all the “frees” gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free and are both paleo and vegan friendly.

Sweet Potato Chips

I do not eat potato chips too often but once in a while my mom snack are these delicious sweet potato chips. I love sweet potatoes so having them in a tasty chip is a nice treat. There’s only 2 ingredients in these non-gmo chips: sweet potatoes and oil. This is a win for me because the less ingredients and fillers the better!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are a new favorite of mine. I only recently discovered just how nutrient dense these seeds are. They are packed with immune boosting zinc and vitamin e and they also have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. I eat pumpkin seeds either raw or roasted. I blend them in my morning smoothies raw for the greatest health benefits. But for occasional evening treats I will enjoy the organic salted dry roasted kind. Yum!


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Oat Cranberry Bar

These oat bars have been a longtime family favorite. They are gluten and dairy free and contain simple ingredients without added syrups and preservatives. Its ingredients include oats, a rice flour blend, cranberries, almonds and chia seeds. They come in different flavors including chocolate and peanut butter but I stick with the cranberry or walnut versions.

Homemade Baked Goods

I love to bake homemade gluten free and dairy free treats for my family. As a result I like having my own treats to choose from for my evening snack. Sometimes I munch on an oat blueberry banana muffin or one of my almond raisin cookies. These homemade treats are just as good (actually better!) than what I purchase from the store.

Hope this inspires your to take your mom time, however that may be, and if it’s with a snack, perhaps with one my recommended tasty treats. Enjoy!

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