Natural Indoor Allergy Relief for Kids

girl child sneezing into tissue


My 7 year old has suffered from an indoor allergy since she was at least 2, possibly earlier. It started with an annoying cough that would come and go. We realized it was post nasal drip and a trip to the ENT and Allergist confirmed a dust mite allergy. A dust mite allergy didn’t seem intimidating at the time and we managed her occasional coughing bouts with an OTC antihistamine as needed. 

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table with desserts

5 Guilt-Free Snacks For Moms

  Many evenings I have what my 6 year old has named “the mommy snack.” After a long day of juggling work and kids I like to have one snack with a cup of my favorite tea, lately a soothing ginger and chamomile mix. The ginger aids in digestion and the chamomile promotes relaxation. It’s […]

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almond raisin cookies

Almond Raisin Cookies (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

  These almond raisin cookies are a light, sweet and chewy delight! The recipe is super simple and quick to make. After minimal prep time and around 10 minutes baking time, you’ll have your new favorite homemade cookie. The recipe uses olive oil and maple syrup both of which can easily be swapped out for […]

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woman holding neck wincing in pain

Treat Your Neck Muscle Pain Naturally

  Every once and awhile I sleep awkwardly and wake up regretting it. It strains my neck and shoulder muscles and I spend the day walking around with muscle pain and a stiff neck. In the past I would take an ibuprofen to relive the pain but these days I prefer the all natural route. […]

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breastfeeding mom

Boost Your Breast Milk Supply Overnight

With my first child I had a very difficult time keeping my supply up so I stopped pumping breast milk at 13 months. This go round I’ve been nursing my youngest daughter for over a year and my supply has remained steady! But there has been many times over the past year when my supply […]

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child holding plate and a child drinking from a straw cup

My Favorite BPA-Free Toddler Plates & Straw Bottles

  Plastic leaches hormone disrupting chemicals, such as bpa that mimics estrogen and creates havoc in our bodies, particularly in children. Unfortunately, plastic and hormone disrupters are everywhere (toys, utensils, dental resins, food containers, store receipts) but we do what we can to reduce exposure. We currently use the following plates and water bottles for […]

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